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L’Orma has been hosting a young, enthusiastic volunteer from Poland since October who participates in the European Voluntary Service which is financed by the European Union.
In the coming weeks, you can read about Monika ‘s experience with Italian culture, her EVS program in general and what she has been up to while living in Milan. 🙂

Here is the first part of her writing:

Italians – people with big hearts

Decision to come to Italy in October I made quite spontaneously. I didn’t know what to expect but I was also very excited to get familiar with Italian culture from the perspective of the person living in the country. I have met a lot of Italians on my way before and they were all people with huge hearts. Since the first day in Milan I experienced a lot of kindness and hospitality. I immediately fell in love with Italian food, especially with the concept of apericena which is typical for Milan area. Apericena connects people as it is drink combined with buffet shared with friends till late hours in the evening. Nonetheless, my favourite dish which I would miss the most is pizza. Nowhere it tastes better than in Italy.

Italians are crazy about food, they talk about it even while having a meal but what’s the most surprising, they are not talking about the food they are eating but about the one they are going to eat next. They are really proud of their cuisine, culture and language. They love to show their cities and tell stories.

I noticed a lot of differences between South and North of Italy. The Souther you go, food is better and people are more open and welcoming. The only difficulty is language as in the South, people almost do not speak English. For Italians time does not exist, they can be one hour late for the meeting without informing the person they are supposed to meet. In the beginning I was quite annoyed by it but when I got used to it, I understood that this attitude gives a lot of freedom and definitely reduces stress.

Italy has everything – sea, mountains, spectacular cities, delicious food and tasty wine, beautiful language and perfect weather. I am really happy I have chosen it for my EVS program. It is an unforgettable experience 🙂

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