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Tale of the Storify Yourself! project


Storify yourself

September 4 – September 12 2019, Bulgaria

A story worth telling…

The project „Storify Yourself! Youth Worker as a Brand“ is developed within the framework of Erasmus +, Learning Mobility for Individuals/Youth mobility. The project included 9 partner countries – Bulgaria, Belgium, Cyprus, Italy, Croatia, Republic of Macedonia, Georgia, Portugal and Hungary. The coordinator of the project was VIA CIVIC Association. The project took place from September 4th to September 12th 2019 in Dobrinishte, Bulgaria.

27 participants had the opportunity to attend this training and the aim of the project was to increase the quality and effectiveness of youth work by improving the skills of youth workers.

Read below the story of one of the Italian participants, Daniele Bettini.

The man was sitting under a weeping willow, looking at the river waters slowly flowing in front of his eyes, carrying broken brunches, fallen leaves and a few plastic objects. He had never thought that a river could tell the story of someone’s life but so it did and it is called the river of life. Just a few days ago he was facing it as its first element of the training course for youth workers, Storyfy Yourself.

But the river of life was just the first trial he had to confront with, cause his story, as told by one of the mentor, was yet to be rewritten, its ending reshaped, its message refined and spread to the world as a sort of trademark.

And so he did, he faced the numerous challanges ahead: he climbed the mountain of wisdom with the wisest man on earth, entered the cave of limiting beliefs, facing his shadows,just to come out with a new magic of empowering words. A strong spell which is yet to be mastered able to create multiple endings to his story.

Improvising it’s not an easy task and requires acceptance of one’s mistakes. How you do what you do defines who you are! Were the words delivered by the Wizard of improvisation during the journey in Bulgaria.

The hero’s journey came finally to an end after a solo night in the forest where the man realized how curative was Nature itself. The grand finale has seen a mirroring circle of his fellow journeymen, gather around to narrate their new stories conquered after one of the most intense week ever experienced on a regular and yet inspiring Erasmus+ training course.

And this is only the beginning…

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