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SportIn – Sport for social inclusion


SPORTin – Sport for social inclusion

November 4-7, 2019 – Inari, Finland

Last week, Sara Marini and Paolo Menescardi travelled to Finnish Lapland for a transnational project meeting for the SPORTin project, which is an Erasmus+ project connecting 5 partner countries (Lithuania, Turkey, Italy, Poland and Finland). The overall objective of the project is to encourage social inclusion and equal opportunities in sport through the development of an international network of organizations active in the field of sport, and activities related to the social inclusion through sports.

As part of the project meeting, Youth Center Vasatokka, the host of the meeting, organized a trip to a Finnish school, to allow participants to learn about the Finnish school system.

The participants also had the opportunity to attend a lecture by Anna Holmberg, who talked about Advanced Physical Activities and who is a representative of Sovely Ry. Additionally, they had the chance to meet a special sport leader, and they were able to enjoy the local experiences Finland has to offer through various activities (like going to the dark and silent forest or hunting the northern lights). They also enjoyed a typical Finnish dinner.

Overall, it was a pleasure for all participants to meet the staff and students of the Ivalo middle school and high school, as well as the sport department of the Inari community and Ivalo activity centre for people with disabilities.

They also got a chance to meet the Ilmari Slant transportation services, Soveli Ry and the other partners from Lithuania, Turkey and Poland, and, of course, the staff in Vasatokka.

These two days of were rich in encounters with a variety of different people, and thanks to the participation of the different partners and the staff in Vasatokka, the meeting was an absolute success!

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