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L’Orma News – The Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Programme

What Is the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Programme and Why You Should Apply

L’Orma’s Experience & Advice for Newcomers

While other programmes, such as Erasmus +, are more known among youth working exchanges, the relatively new and lesser known Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs is part of the European Parliament’s initiative in taking action for the Entrepreneurship 2020 Action Plan.

In its essence, the EYE Programme is a cross-European exchange between Host Entrepreneurs (businesses and organizations) and New Entrepreneurs (young entrepreneurs looking for a working experience and seeking to start their own business) in which both parts can help each other and engage in an exchange of knowledge, skills and values, resulting in an equally beneficial and intra-European partnership. It facilitates movement of workers and stimulates the business sector in the European region, in a fruitful exchange of practices and experience between both the NE and the HE.

L’Orma is one example of one of the pioneer organizations taking part in the EYE Programme, having hosted in Milan various New Entrepreneurs and resulting in valuable exchanges that have solidified L’Orma’s experience in EU exchanges and strengthened its abilities in these types of European programmes.

In our past experience, this exchange program has brought to us the benefit of taking the input, energy and ideas of enthusiastic and innovative young workers and applying it into L’Orma’s projects. We have collaborated with the NEs in developing new and older projects for varied European proposals, expanded our international network, and widened our European connections, all whilst encouraging the NEs to venture into future projects of their own and engaging in an exchange of skills and formative experiences.

Programs such as the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs have reaffirmed L’Orma’s presence in the European landscape, both in terms of the non-profit sector and in its participation in numerous EU projects, as it continues to carry on the work done so far and add to its experience.

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