MultiSport Experience

Nothing can stop us from working tirelessly on offering the best possible training experience aimed at the personal and professional growth of children and their families, not even the coronavirus.

We have teamed up with wonderful partners from European countries, namely with Hodina H, z.s.  (Czech Republic), ACD LA HOYA (Spain) and Clubul Sportiv Experienta Multisport – CSEM  (Romania) to implement this Erasmus+ Small Collaborative Partnership called the Multisport Culture for Youth Empowerment.

What is multisport and why is it useful?
It is a variety of sporting activities that allows the development of very different skills that have crossover benefits. Encouraging kids to play multiple sports will help prepare them for life.

The project aims to promote a multisport approach to youth physical literacy, based on the promotion of a precise cultural matrix articulated around 3 key concepts:

  • Physical Literacy , to develop the ability and motivation of children to capitalize on their movement potential, not only to move efficiently, but also move creatively, competently, with enthusiasm and with emotional and social intelligence;
  • Long Term Athlete Development, to use a developmentally appropriate approach towards children aged 6-12 by focusing on the first three stages of this model because specifically dedicated to encourage physical literacy and sport for all:
    “Active start”,
    “Learn to train”;
  • Sport for life , to conceive quality sport towards children as sport delivered with a focus on the optimal holistic development of each individual to make a significant contribution to their quality of life.

Our project started in January and runs for 18 months with the goal of promoting multisport and involve kids between the age of 6-12. The kick-off meeting took place in January, 2020 in Milan and two additional online meetings were organized in April and July to discuss the planned activities of the project.

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