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Enhancing Health and Physical Activity Rates Through Pentathlon (EHPARP)

Enhancing Health and Physical Activity Rates through Pentathlon (EHPARP)
Kick-off Meeting,
22 February, 2020, Milan, Italy

On 22 February, 2020, six organizations from different member states of the European Union gathered together in the vibrant city of Milan, Italy to launch a new project called “Enhancing Health and Physical Activity Rates through Pentathlon” (EHPARP) to promote health-enhancing physical activity among the European youth and adult populations as well as to offer dual career opportunities to athletes in the disciplines of Pentathlon.

The partner organizations that are making this project come alive are Mine Vaganti NGO (Italy), University of Thessaly (Greece), Youth in Science and Business Foundation (Estonia), Finswimming Team Komet (Croatia), Bulgarian Sports Development Association (Bulgaria) and L’Orma ssd (Italy) who also acts as the coordinator of this project.[/vc_column_text][mk_gallery images=”6568,6565″ column=”2″ height=”250″][vc_column_text css=”.vc_custom_1582723875839{margin-bottom: 0px !important;}”]The rate of obesity is on a continuous rise in many European countries and the sedentary lifestyle has many negative effects on the physical, mental wellbeing of people and presents a big economic burden on healthcare as the lack of sport leads to medical problems such as diabetes or heart disease.

The ambitious aim of this project is to involve more people in sport activities and to present suitable opportunities for expanding adult’s participation in the positive health and psycho-social benefits of sport.

Pentathlon is unique in a way that it combines five events: fencing, swimming, riding, running and shooting. This allows the project to invite participants from a wider background and reach a bigger audience.

During the 30-months of project implementation many theoretical and practical activities will be developed and conducted such as a research, a training format, a manual at the end, trainings and local workshops as well as an online platform with online learning to make this project sustainable and allow it to have a real impact on people’s lives.

During the kick-off meeting in Milan, the partner organizations that are all very passionate about social change through non-formal education, sport, youth and training demonstrated their commitments to this Eramus+ Big Collaborative Partnership and discussed in detail the project management, activities planned, expected result and many other topics.

The representatives of the partner organizations were given the chance to try one of the disciplines of Pentathlon, a short shooting practice took place.

Everyone involved is looking forward to setting this project into motion, contributing the wellbeing of young people and adults, and enhancing physical and mental fitness of individuals.

We are ready to make a change! And you?

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