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Vocabulary of emotions

How to deal with emotions Talking about our emotions, being able to identify our mood, knowing how to put them in words have always been a very difficult skill to acquire. It is often referred as the emotional intelligence (EQ), defined as the ability to manage emotions and an essential skill needed in our daily […]


HOW TO HOLD KIDS’ ATTENTION? If children are distracted they cannot study. If kids are distracted, it means they are experiencing negative emotions. If children are distracted probably they are not motivated enough to pay attention, listen and learn. There are many techniques used by teachers to grab the attention of their students, for example […]

The important thing is…to speak clearly!

The important thing is…to speak clearly! Today we would like to share with you how to master your communication skills and how to express yourself that people listen to you. Has it ever happened to you that you needed to repeat things over and over and over again without being understood? Have you ever felt […]

Grocery shopping….in class!

  GOING GROCERY SHOPPING IN CLASS! This week we would like to give some activity ideas to teachers and educators they can easily implement in a class room. Teaching is not only about theoretical knowledge, practical activities are just as important. This is a SITUATIONAL GAME that is great to verify the acquisition of skills […]

Take center stage!

  Take center stage! All eyes on you! We often talk about being a role model but we tend to forget that we set examples even if we do not intend to. Let’s be honest, we sometimes forget that our behaviour influences people and especially children around us. We ask them to behave in a […]

The art of seduction

The art of seduction The art of seduction is meant as the art to attract, to attract someone to you, to fascinate someone else. Try closing your eyes, stay quiet and in the dark for a few minutes and try to remember your teachers. Focus on a particular teacher, one who has left you with […]

Teach while paying attention!

  Teach while paying attention! You often hear about new teaching competences on how to teach in an efficient way, and you often encounter this in books, seminars or articles. These highlight guidelines, suggestions, and nationals and European indications. But what are the competences that are being talked about? Why do we talk about them […]

I teach, but do they learn?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text css=”.vc_custom_1576188432710{margin-bottom: 0px !important;}”] I teach but do they learn? [/vc_column_text][mk_padding_divider size=”20″][vc_column_text css=”.vc_custom_1576188480941{margin-bottom: 0px !important;}”]It took almost a century to start questioning the effectiveness of an educational model based purely on the transmission of information, one in which the teacher remained seated in front of the class and communicated knowledge one-way to his or her […]

Charismatic teachers

  Charismatic teachers Our tips to become a teacher that students listen to Close your eyes, stay a few minutes in complete silence and try to remember your teachers, focusing on a particular teacher who left you with something important. Do it now! Obviously no one can read your mind, but it is quite certain […]

Skills of a modern teacher

  Skills of a modern teacher L’Orma’s Tips On How To Excel In Being a Teacher We hear, read, talk a lot about the new skills that are needed for effective teaching, it has been discussed thoroughly in seminars, books articles. So many tips, advice, guidelines are given at national and European level as well. […]

Per richieste e informazioni contattaci subito