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Strategic partnership in the field of youth

During this period of big challenges, we have never stopped looking forward, and we are preparing for the next opportunities offered by the world of European design. In this regard, today we want to give you some information on the next Erasmus+ call regarding the KA2 Strategic partnership projects, especially in the field of youth. […]

A look into the future: European call for exchanges and mobility in SPORT

“Exchanges and mobility in sport”. The primary objective of this type of projects is to give professionals in the world of sport the opportunity to spend a period abroad carrying out training, traineeship, or exchange of good practices within other organizations working in the sport area. The idea behind these projects is in fact to […]

Coronavirus impact on Erasmus Plus Projects

Coronavirus, the game changer COVID19 is a phrase dreaded everywhere in the World, a phenomena that has reshaped every aspect of life, the way we live, our relations with loved ones, friends and colleagues, and turned our work upside down. Coronavirus has brought the sharpest decline in Gross Domestic Product (GDP) since 1995. According to […]

Things You Need to Know Before Writing Erasmus Plus Project Description

How to write a good Erasmus Plus project description Have you decided to give it a try and submit an Erasmus + project? In this case it means you have to get ready to prepare a good project description which is the basis for successful application. Project description is an overview of the project, which […]

How to prepare for the Erasmus Plus 2020 call

  Preparing for the Erasmus Plus 2020 call: All you need to know Since the overview of Erasmus+ deadlines came out a few weeks ago, we thought it appropriate to give you some overall information about how to apply for Erasmus+ projects. The main step for any type of project you’re planning on writing is […]

Writing an Erasmus Plus project on Adult Education

Writing an Erasmus Plus project on Adult Education: All you need to know On Monday December 2, in Milan’s Pirelli Tower, Europe Direct held an info day on KA1 and KA2 projects in the field of Adult Education. L’Orma was present at the info session and we decided to write up the information that was […]

Preparing for the Erasmus+ Collaborative Partnerships call

  Preparing for E+ calls Collaborative Partnership in the field of sport April 2, 2020, will be the yearly deadline for Erasmus+ project proposals in the field of sport. This call includes: Collaborative Partnerships; Small Collaborative Partnerships; Not-for-profit European sport events. Because the Erasmus+ results of last year’s application came in at the end of […]

How to write a great KA105 project proposal

  Project proposal workshop: Writing a great KA105 project Rome (October 17, 2019) On this historic day for L’Orma, who saw various staff members working on different projects all over Europe (Brussels for Fit For Kids, Sofia for Sport Diplomacy Academy, and Budapest for Move Congress), we went down from Milan to Rome to attend […]

New KA3 call in the field of youth

  Call for proposals: Civil Society Cooperation in the Field of Youth Last Thursday, L’Orma was in Brussels to hear more about a new call for proposals that has recently been issued under the Erasmus+ KA3 projects. This new call is aimed atmk_padding_divider size a consortium of partner wishing to implement an EU-wide project. In […]

Per richieste e informazioni contattaci subito