Milan, Hotel Expo Fiera Milano // 19th – 23th July 2020

SDA is an international conference and a training module aimed at increasing skills, competences and knowledge of sport Managers, sport Coaches and other staff of sport organizations linked to professional and grassroots sport.

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Participants from Italy, Bulgaria, Croatia, Bosnia – Herzegovina

Dear sport manager/trainer,
we know how difficult it is for you in everyday life to find time, resources and energy to devote to your favourite passion: SPORT.
We know vey well your difficulties if you are someone who would like to make a greater contribution to your club, to your athletes, to your kids but for many reasons, you cannot.
We have experienced by ourselves all your concerns if you are a young man who wants to WORK in the field of sport, but does not believe he has the right skills, abilities or knowledge.
Maybe you don’t know but the European Union offers possibilities in this sense and today we have the chance to offer you a truly extraordinary, a unique opportunity.

The SDA event represents the last stage of an European Union pilot-sport project SPORT DIPLOMACY ACADEMY aimed at improving the competences, skills and knowledge of the participants as well as an effective contribution to the capacity building of sport organizations with clear focus on building a network of well-trained sport diplomats.
The conference will see the participation of authoritative experts, influential voices, Italian and international leaders in plenary sessions and round tables to share skills and points of view and inspire, with a look to the future, the vision of a new inclusive, holistic and global SPORT movement.


The Sport Diplomacy Academy Project is aimed at all those who:

Work in the world of sport: managers, managers, coaches and instructors, university students and volunteers

Are motivated to develop their skills in the sports field

Have a basic knowledge of the English language

Are able to implement what has been learned internationally at their local level

The event represents a networking opportunity to meet leaders of non-profit organizations, sport clubs/associations and federations.

Taking place from 19th to 23th July 2020 in Milan (Italy), the SDA international meeting will convene in collaboration with key national/international organisations with the aim to highlight the importance of SPORT as a tool for education, and inform the global debate on the development of the sport organizations alla round the Europe.
The event will be attended by 80 participants, including civil society representatives, academics, government representatives, members from the sport movement, and experts on youth development and non-formal education.

Through a combination of plenary sessions, interactive breakout sessions, space for new collaborations, and online participation, the SDA meeting’s programme will highlight how organisations can keep pace with the latest trends in Sport Diplomacy, Non-formal education and Youth Development. The events will also enhance coordination and promote collaboration to sport representatives to take action for sustainable development in their society, in their field, through their organizations.


SPORT DIPLOMACY ACADEMY is legacy of First Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the EU 2018; focus on Western Balkans lot as a logical follow up of all implemented #EU2018BG activities: prioritizing the EU perspective and connectivity of the Western Balkans, referring to the Sofia Declaration and Sofia Priority Agenda.

The project is co-funded by the European Commission, and 80 participants are selected from Italia, Bulgaria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia.

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Good Lobby


Working with media

Digital transformation

Big events: good governance and legacy

Fundraising and CSR

Social Media and Social Media Marketing

Social Entrepreneurship

Sport diplomacy for development

Working with specific target groups

Success Story


Joanna Dochevska

Chairwoman at Bulgarian Sports Development Association

Ismail Sehic

Director at BRAVO

Paolo Menescardi

Director at L’ORMA

Giuseppe Grandinetti

Global Head of Digital at Vibram

Alexy Valet

Consultant in Training Processes and Project Design (Sport, education, inclusion & innovation)

Luigi De Micco

Social Entrepreneur

Oscar Bellandi

Nautical Entrepreneur

Pietro Palvarini

Urban Sociologist and Social Entrepreneur


Bulgarian Sports Development Association

BRAVO – Bosnian Representative Association for Valuable Opportunities

Rikecki SPortski Savez