Dear Teacher, would you like to live the sensation of serenity, the feeling of having control of the situation in your working environment?
Try to imagine how it would be beautiful to be able to acquire the instruments and skills that can allow you to relate you in a qualitative way with colleagues, pupils, and parents!


After always asking you to take care of others, now we will take care of you, we want to help you and support you so that you can:

Gain more self-confidence

Discover new relationship tools with you and others

Develop new skills useful to govern the current world and its rapid changes

Our system, based on the sharing of Non-Formal Education methodologies, focuses on the teachers and their professionalism, and includes 3 areas of intervention:


We know well that among the figures that most people remember in their lives, teachers and professors excel. We are well aware of the responsibilities of this role, the “weight” that your actions have on the development of both the skills and the personality of the individuals you meet.

You can make a difference; you have the power to indelibly sculpt your teachings and you have the responsibility to be aware of how important your role is in the growth path of the children and young people you meet.

To meet these needs, we have developed a series of educational teams based on Non-Formal Education over the years


Based on our experience we have identified the most effective routes depending on the path where children and young people are during the school year. To convey the importance of giving proper care to the time of Seeding (1st Quadrimester) and the right attention to the Harvest (2nd Quadrimester)


Welcome Project


My body that…

Teaching in motion





My body that… communicates creatively

Teaching in continuous motion


We will share with you, during the delivery, the value of our pedagogical development of Non-Formal Education through experiential activity


You will have the opportunity to have a trained Coach that will work for more meetings with the kids in your class, providing you with special tools and new ideas for active observation to interact with your class


  • We noticed that the experts involved were able to quickly grasp the peculiarities of each child and adapt the interaction methods accordingly.

    Francesca B. – Class 1B Project: My Body That...
  • The show was beautiful, and regardless of the result for our children, it was a great experience, already done last year but certainly received differently in relation to age. Last year my son hardly noticed, this year he was very excited 🙂

    Paola T. – Class 2°A Project: OrMusical
  • Excellent the ability of the experts to positively involve all the students, the energy, the competence and the great availability both towards the students and the teachers. Yes, they are made available for dialogue and collaboration.

    Antonella B. – Class 3° Project: OrMusical
  • Having carried out the project during school hours, we parents saw only a part of it. I really appreciated the way in which the people on the trail led the children to the final return to the parents. They transmitted harmony, welcoming, and at the same time authority towards children

    Parent of Barbara O. – Class 1ºD Project: Teaching in Motion
  • Excellent synergy between L’Orma and the school, in addition to the beautiful climate established between teachers and students

    Parent of Luciano L. – Class 1ºD Project: OrMusical


In these 20 years of work in the world of education we have collected many emotions and lived many stories; each of these stories has fully represented the immense variety of the world of education, has contained the diversity of contexts and situations and has highlighted common features put in place to succeed in the mission of educating: fatigue, dedication, passion, the commitment and the continuous need to find new solutions. All this has consolidated the sense of esteem we feel towards teachers and the desire to give support to those like us who dedicate their lives to the personal growth of the individuals they meet on their way

#NotFormalTeacher, our update and training system, will help you to fix the gap between the current preparation of teachers and the needs of children and today’s educational contexts, above all the school

We will offer you training supports both online and offline: valuable training content (articles and educational videos), texts and reference books, training courses (online, in the classroom, in action), moments of individual confrontation with our experts and community creation

Through our update and training system you will get:

An improvement of the quality of your professional life

An improvement in your teaching and organizational autonomy

An improvement in the relationships with your colleagues, students and the parents

Acquisition of new skills, current and in step with the times

The Updating and Training System has a flexible form for accessing tools, you can have free, paid and subscription content, all proportionate to how much you choose to invest. Some services will also be available through the BONUS School (Teacher’s Card), as our organization is a recognized body for training USR Lombardy professors.

Joining our Updating and Training System will also guarantee you a positive impact on your private life through a great gain of time and an improvement on working in the quality of work relationships.

They say about us…

  • Excellent professionalism and a great desire to involve course participants, both older and younger!

    2016 - Mara V. Primary School Merlino (LO)
  • I felt like one of you.

    2017 - Gloria R. I.C. Brembate di Sopra (BG)
  • Living a day that is simply motivating and spirited with EXCEPTIONAL people able to bring out the best in everyone. The message of the active school has passed, of finding more and more strategies to involve and ensure that every child, boy and girl, feels the protagonist of his own story in full respect of their individuality.

    2017 - Maria Teresa C. Primary School
  • I enjoyed to understand the situations that my students experience trying directly on me. You were very good at passing concepts through experience.

    2016 - Deborah Z. I.C. Pascoli – Sesto San Giovanni
  • I certainly appreciated the fact that more active teaching can positively influence learning.

    2017 – Simona V. I.C. Elsa Morante
  • You got me completely involved. I felt free.

    2016 - Serena N. Primary School Zelo Buon Persico
  • You were very good at being able to involve everyone in fun, stimulating and intelligent activities, even people like me, rather closed in character.

    2016 – Maria B. I.C. di Lodi – Cavenago
  • I liked the introductory part in the classroom, very rich but at the same time light.

    2016 - Daniela M. I.C. Ilaria Alpi


Feeding your main reference system, or your school institute, can also be of great interest for your development and for your growth.

Through L’Orma you can guarantee your school a series of opportunities and advantages: training courses for teachers recognized by MIUR, participation in European mobility projects and updates for teachers, moments of confrontation with our experts and much more…