Most people have been taught and are used to the so-called “frontal-teaching” method when the teacher stands in front of the class and presents the curriculum students are to learn. In this case students are considered as “empty containers” to be filled with knowledge. Most of the educational methods developed are based on this logic and founded accordingly.

Every single one of us at some point in our life has struggled with and questioned this system: having to comply with a point of view and accepting other people’s decisions for us.

Overcoming this limitation has become our mission, and since 2000 we have been involved in educational research in order to change this learner-teacher model

#NotFormalCompany promotes a real Educational Revolution towards Companies

No more demotivated employees

No more ineffective institutional trainings

No more weak and poor employee relations

Non-Formal Education combines different educational movements, welcomes different point of views, and is open to new information, knowledge and various methodological approaches. We discovered there are models that can always be used for developing ourselves and others.

Since 2000 L’Orma has been involved in children, youth and adult education and training. This gives our company the knowledge and expertise on an educational method used successfully not only in schools, but in every sector.

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L’Orma offers companies 3 courses based on Non-Formal Education:

Family-work balance

Territorial welfare

Human resources training